PANJB is now 4CITY Palo Alto

A letter from Justin Kitch, PANJB President

UpdatedWednesday October 21, 2020 byPANJB Board.

Please see below for a letter sent to all PANJB famlies this summer about some exciting developments. PANJB is leaving the umbrella of National Junior Basketball to be the first chapter of a new youth basketball organization: 4CITY. 

Dear PANJB Families,

The COVID-19 health crisis has caused all of us at PANJB to think differently about the role we should play in our community. How can a youth basketball organization help folks cope with a crisis, when that crisis prevents anybody from playing basketball? How can we serve even more kids over the coming months/year even as the virus continues to restrict their participation in and joy from sports? 

In answering these questions, we have decided to do what we’ve been dreaming for years: starting a stand-alone non-profit which expands the philosophy and reach of PANJB to more kids, in more places, and in more ways. This will allow us to add additional offerings throughout the year (such as camps, spring leagues, virtual workouts, and additional sports), and create our own network of youth leagues outside of Palo Alto. While this means ending our formal affiliation with NJB as a “chapter,” we will be beginning a new relationship with NJB that will still allow us to play their teams and participate in their post season tournaments. 

Thus, we are excited to announce the rechristening of PANJB as 4CITY Palo Alto, or more simply 4CITY: a 501(c)3 non-profit named for our “4C” philosophy and our belief that youth sports is at its best when it is local friends playing “for city.”  Palo Alto will be our first location, but we also plan to operate in several neighboring cities by the time we are able to put on leagues (hopefully this winter or spring). You don’t need to do anything to transition your family to 4CITY Palo Alto—for now it will seem more like a name change with new, colorful uniforms. The format of our winter leagues, K-2 clinics, and all-star programs will remain largely unchanged once we are allowed to play again.

In closing, as we start this new chapter, let me say that among all my professional and personal pursuits, none has been more gratifying than my involvement in PANJB these past nine years. While the idea of NJB is great, it is the community spirit of literally thousands of Palo Alto parents, coaches, players, alumni and volunteer community members that has made it so amazing. And that spirit is why I’m confident we will emerge from these strange and challenging times stronger and more community-aware than ever. 

Wishing you a safe (and saner) summer on behalf of the entire Board... you will be hearing more from us soon!

4CITY Board President (formerly PANJB)