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Want your girl to play pro soccer?

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UpdatedFriday October 4, 2019 byRegistrar.

There is a growing body of research that kids—especially girls—are vulnerable to injury and mental burn out if they are forced to specialize in one sport too early. But that's exactly what club sports' business models want us to do. At PANJB we believe in sports as a powerful way to instill the 4C's in our children: confidence, character, community and competitiveness.  We believe that playing multiple sports, with only a modicum of competitive pressure from adults, leads to happy, healthy and productive young members of our society.

Excerpt from "Want Your Girl to Play Pro Soccer? Sign Her Up for Basketball" 
(6/28/19 issue of Wired )

Private sports clubs... which are open to kids as young as 6 or 7, play year-round and often leave little time for other sports or for free play. “It makes sense for somebody who’s running a private sports club to want you to specialize year-round, because that’s their livelihood,” says Bowers. “We have to acknowledge that a part of the specialization is that it’s in a lot of people’s financial interests to have kids specializing and participating year-round.”

But a growing body of research shows that specializing too early can cause a host of issues that drive kids away from sports and make young athletes more vulnerable to injuries.

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