The PANJB "4C" Philosophy

UpdatedMonday September 10, 2018 byPANJB Webmaster.

Palo Alto NJB is a non profit 501(c)3 organization that serves youth basketball players of all ethnicities, identities, backgrounds and abilities in the community of Palo Alto, California. We are affiliated with the national NJB organization, based in Los Angeles. 

All league administration and most coaching is done by unpaid volunteers, usually parents of current or former players. 

We operate all programs according to the "4C" philosophy, which uses team-oriented basketball to teach young people the "4Cs": 

  • Character: sportsmanship, integrity, humility and kindness to others
  • Confidence: belief in self, trust in teammates, willingness to fail
  • Competitiveness: compete hard, win with grace, have fun even when losing
  • Community: collective before individual, regardless of ability, background or economic status

All programs and policies of PANJB are directed by the PANJB Board of Directors and its delegated league commissioners, according to the philosophy stated above.  We always want more involvement from parents and coaches in our community! To reach the PANJB Board, or offer to volunteer, please email